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    Monthly Newsletter from the Storywitch (aka Joey Hill)

    From the Joey W. Hill Newsletter. Snap! Enjoy!

    Be sure to check out her site.

    Joey has two lip-licking releases coming up: 

    Bound by a Vampire Queen and-

    Vampire Instinct

    Here's this month's newsletter from Joey W. Hill:

    "Happy New Year! Excerpts, Eye Candy and more...

    Have we all hit the ground running this year? Maybe this year's mutual resolution will be that we all occasionally take the time to sit down with chocolate, a cup of tea, and a good book. We'll go on a journey whose only expectation is that we sit back and enjoy the ride. I know I probably have 40+ books on my TBR (to be read) shelf, and hope to take the time to crack those open and experience memorable new stories and characters in 2011!

    As planned, I turned in Bound by a Vampire Queen the first week of January. Once my editor says she's okay with the setup of the story, I'll be sure to post an excerpt on this latest saga in Jacob and Lyssa's relationship. However, until that happens, we're not leaving you in the lurch. I have a couple free reads for you, and there's an awesome new look on the forum for your visual enjoyment (look under Fan Forum news, below). And of course giveaways! Here's the info about the free reads:

    Vignette - As promised in previous newsletters, I've posted Part One of the vignette featuring David and Mina from A Witch's Beauty. It's available on the blog and on thefan forum (under the Vignette section, which appears when you log on). It's been awhile since we've visited the young lieutenant of the Dark Legion and his prickly sea witch, so hope you enjoy this glimpse into how their lives are going. I continue to get emails from readers hoping that this series will continue, so keep spreading the love, and hopefully we'll see that happen in the future! This will likely be a shorter vignette, 2-3 segments. However, I have a long list of vignettes you have requested, featuring characters from all my series, so I intend to keep offering you those throughout the year, in between book releases (smile).

    Early Peek Excerpt - As you may remember, I'm contracted to submit two books to Berkley for a new series in 2011. The first book, tentatively titled Arcane Shot, is a paranormal sensual romance, with a contemporary setting and a witch as the protagonist. Here's the blurb:

    Several years ago, Ruby Night Divine inexplicably left the Wiccan shop she ran with some other mundane practitioners of the faith, moved across the country and started integrating elements of dark magic into her craft. She supports herself by running a gun shop, her motto being: "Sometimes magic comes through, sometimes it doesn't. But Smith & Wesson is always ready to come to the game." Then Derek Stormwind, her former lover and a powerful sorcerer, comes back into her life. And he's determined to get to the bottom of what happened to her - while she helps him prepare a coven to face a demon and his army of minions.

    To celebrate the beginning of my journey with Ruby and Derek, I thought I'd share the draft Chapter One with you. You'll find it on the fan forum under the Excerpts section (see info under Fan Forum below if you've never logged on before). Enjoy, and I'll let you know when I find out a release date.

    Other Giveaways: In honor of the new David and Mina vignette, the Femme Fatales are offering a great giveaway from the new online store. Details are under the Mina's Coral Sanctuary section of the fan forum. Also, keep an eye on that section, because in the next few days, they'll be offering a second contest, celebrating the new look of the forum (vampire series fans, you'll like this one!).

    Other Writing News:

    After turning in Arcane Shot, I intend to write the fifth Knight of the Board Roombook, featuring Ben. We've all waited a long time for him to get his forever love, and he's been pestering me with ideas for over a year. I have so many notes, the darn thing should write itself. So hopefully, I'll get that in to Ellora's Cave sometime in late spring, early summer, balancing it with the deadline for the second Berkley book. No contracted plans for more vampire or mermaid books this year, but I do have two vampire books releasing this year, and we'll revisit future titles for the series after these other two books are delivered.

    It's time to upgrade my website for a fresh new look. I am in the process of talking to an excellent company about that right now, so sometime in the coming months, I hope you'll see a revamping on the site. I've been very happy with my site for a long time (my wonderful husband has been my webmaster from the beginning era of "personal business websites"), but as I've gotten more releases and more information to share with you, my current format no longer meets my needs or that of the readers. He's given me his blessing to switch providers (with some relief, I'm sure - laughter), so we'll see what we can do with that.

    Fan Forum News...

    As noted above, the fan forum graphics have changed. Mistress Kat, one of the incredibly hardworking forum moderators, did beautiful work on the "Jon" graphics that have graced the forum for the past couple months, celebrating the release ofAfterlife. As of this week, the graphics have changed to honor the characters fromVampire's Claim - Dev, our Australian bushman, and Lady Danny, the beautiful blond, blue-eyed vampire he serves. Go check out the scenery! As always, you can also go into the Free Character Graphics/Banner section to enjoy a variety of graphics that have been inspired by this book and many others, designed by very talented ladies, like Lady Heather, Mistress Kat, and more.

    Don't forget the forum has just opened its very own store, with items inspired by my stories and characters - T-shirt, buttons, mugs, jewelry, postcards, etc. If you've seen the wealth of beautiful graphics designed on the forum site, you can imagine what wonderful ideas they're developing. The forum's purpose in offering these items is to spread the word about my work and enhance your enjoyment of it, not to make money, so the items will be sold at cost plus the minimum markup required by the Internet store they'll be using. Be sure to check back at the store often, as they will be adding new products as often as they possibly can!

    Standard Reminder about the Joey W. Hill fan forum: Joining the forum is very easy. It only requires a valid email address and setting a password to establish a log on (the logon is mainly to prevent spammers from getting on the site). Once you establish the logon, navigate away from the site, then come back, logon, and the "members only" sections will appear.

    Once you logon, you get access to all that great content - story graphics, contests, character interviews, vignettes, fan fiction, exclusive excerpts, and way more. There are many talented minds that interact there, such that if you want to join in or just lurk, I promise you'll enjoy the visit. The delightful Mod Squad is happy to help you get comfortable there, answering any technical questions." (


    Bookswim To Start Lending ebooks....

    I am a member of Bookswim and am overjoyed that they will start moving into ebook lending, because come on...getting those clunky books and having to put them back in the package is a pain in the you-know-what. In that I think of it....I have a few books to return. Sorry Bookswim!!!!

    Read the details here at Publisher's Weekly.....


    Woo Hoo! A New Horror Line to Be Launched....

    Publisher's Weekly reported yesterday that Samhain (a fav pub of mine for saucy and excellent books!!) will be launching their own horror titles. This is great because I suspect horror has been somewhat stronger in the UK than in the US. I am always shopping Amazon UK and Gollancz for horror titles, it would be great to also see a selection of fresh horror at Samhain.

    Read all the juicy details at Publisher's Weekly 01/20/2011.

    `Mizzz Fiendishly.