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Blue Bloods
The Golden Bough. A Study in Magic and Religion: Volume 1
Get Lucky
Prince Joe
Buying Trouble
The Wicked West
Wolf Signs
Start Me Up
Talk Me Down
Blue-Eyed Devil
At Grave's End
One Foot in the Grave
Halfway to the Grave

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    Review Policy & Ratings & About FB

    About Moi:

    Since a wee sprat I have always gobbled up books, particularly that of genre fiction..there is something so fascinating about otherworldly realms and far off places with intriguing characters-its the story that lures me in.

    Some of my favorite books are The Golden by Lucius Shepherd, all the vampire chronicles by Kim Newman (Anno Dracula, The Man from the Diogenes Club, Judgment of Tears, The Bloody Red Baron), Heart of Darkness, The Castle of Otranto, The Vampyre by Polidori.

    I suspect in another life I was an eclectic librarian!

    In my spare time I am a bookstore girl on the weekends, sorting through deliciously fiendish reads, stocking shelves, pricing, packing and diving into the extraordinary amount of arcs that we receive. The best part is recommending (gushingly) a truly fabulous book to another that will really appreciate it.

    Though I really do try NOT to gush and maintain my composure. Really. Okay, maybe a little bit of composure. But sometimes there is a book, series, author that I am so excited about that I end up sounding like Reese Witherspoon on Legally Blonde. Yes. Even with the high octave.

    I also review on Net Galley, Simon & Schuster's Galley Grab, Amazon Vine, Shelfari, We Read and GoodReads.

    Comments Policy:

    Honestly, I didn't feel as if I actually needed a policy per se, but then again I have had a few spam bots and 'wackos leaving comments. Look, if you're mean and nasty go somewhere else.

    fiendishlybookish(feverishly) welcomes ARCs as well as eBooks, pdf's, and digital galley's from publishers and authors with one caveat: don't forget to include your expected review deadline. Puleeze. 

    fiendishlybookish deals primarily with urban fantasy/dark urban fantasy, science fiction/fantasy, and some YA genres, specifically that of paranormal, historical, and contemporary romances, urban fantasy/dark urban fantasy, science fiction/fantasy, erotica, and chick lit.

    fiendishlybookish will always strive to be honest and fair in its reviews. Really. Understandably, writing a book is an incredibly difficult process and goes through many hands. Ratings are a culmination of the following and are based upon: originality, a singular aspect of the novel that makes it distinctive, consistent quality, innovative plot lines, action and pace, humor, and characterization. It is a complex recipe that makes a novel and FB understands that.

    Books are read in their entirety: always. :) Unless its a DNF. 


    SIX STAR: Almost unheard of. I've only given two 6 stars review. Ever. It means the book got under my skin, pulsated and never let detonated with creativity...

    FIVE STAR Gushingly, compellingly good. A review that made us squeal with joy over and over again. Worth shouting out to all our online friends, people at the bookstore and grocery store that the book seriously ROCKED. An uncontainable enthusiasm bordering on apoplexy! 

    FOUR STAR: Nearly into the gushing and apoplectic stratosphere (imagine waving arms and some frivolity) but some aspects needed tweaking.

    THREE STAR: Showing some great promise, has a distinctive voice, character or plot that saved the book, a green author who will ripen with time and experience. Enjoyable in many ways, but not quite to gushing ratings. This rating is also designated for formulaic writers who do not strive to move out of the comfort zone, but use the same construction over and over again (and think that their readers don't notice-wink-wink).

    BELOW THREE STARS: fiendishlybookish has high standards. We will contact you personally if the book is not up to standard. We won't pull a Gordon Ramsay on it.

    GUEST REVIEWS: fiendishlybookish welcomes guest reviews and encourages community wide support of other book review blogs, authors, burgeoning writers and online friends. Shoot on over an email and we'll get your reviews posted.

    Ciao! And hope to be chattin' with ya soon ;)

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