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    On the Fiendish Radar: "Fire on Dark Water" by Wendy Perriman

    Book:                  Fire on Dark Water

    Author:               Wendy Perriman

    Publisher:           Berkley

    ISBN/ASIN:         9780425241042

    RELEASE DATE:  June 7, 2011

    Visit the Website Fire on Dark Water. Find out more about Wendy Perriman

    In January while I was doing my annual book research for the year, I happened upon Perriman's book that instantly sent out a signal flare-and my immediate interest.

    Pirates? Historical setting? Based in fact? Tough gritty heroines? Perriman's book looks to have it all and I am completely seduced by this era, the Golden Age of Piracy.

    Having grown up with some of the best books thrust into my hands at an early age, my British gramps and I having some very heated discussions about the Spanish Main, and my dreamy eyed wonder at Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Francis Drake, Captain Kidd, (as well as the lure of darker, more dangerous pirates like Blackbeard), Perriman's book summons up all the wonder and desire to entrench myself deeply into that era in time once again. 

    I cannot wait to read this book!

    ~Miz Fiendishly  

    Book Blurb

    From the author: “This tale is recounted by an English gypsy called Lola Blaise, who  knows that Captain Edward Teach is a buccaneer when she marries him but has no idea she is about to become the thirteenth wife of the infamous Blackbeard, nor does she realize the unconscionable deeds she will have to perform to avoid the fate of her tragic predecessors.

    Fire on Dark Water is set in the Eighteenth Century’s ‘Golden Age of Piracy’. Lola takes us on an epic journey from her early Romany childhood, to loss of innocence in the slums of London, a horrific voyage on a white slave ship, indentured servitude on a Charleston rice plantation, life in a brothel on the ‘Pirate Republic’ of New Providence, and ultimately aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge (Blackbeard’s flagship), as she interacts with real characters in factual situations.

    Fate entwines Lola’s destiny with that of Anne Bonny, ‘Calico Jack’ Rackham, James Bonny, Blackbeard and crew – to name but a few – and as Captain Charles Johnson claims in The General History of the Robberies & Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates (1724) the “odd incidents of their rambling lives are such, that some may be tempted to think the whole story no better than a novel or romance, but . . . it is supported by many thousand witnesses,” confirming my own extensive research that the truth about these men and women is even stranger than the surrounding fiction. 

    Tales of daring pirates continue to capture the popular imagination and feminists have looked to Anne Bonny and Mary Reed as historic examples of tough, proactive heroines.  But carried away by such romanticism we often lose sight of the fact that most buccaneers were greedy, bloodthirsty killers with addictive or pathological natures. Whereas previous books tend to sanitize their lifestyles my account is a gritty, violent, realistic portrayal of the lascivious, often manic events, acted out by dangerous drunk individuals with little left to lose.  

    This is not a tale for the faint of heart!”


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