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    On the Fiendish Radar 2010

    It seems that I am always stumbling upon upon hidden gold! Finding new and interesting reads is just as good as finding that gorgeous pair of one off shoes by a new urban designer. And as all my friends know, I love shoes (if my own shoe closet is any indication!) I equally adore being surprised by an author that can take me to new places.



    The Zombie Autopsies: Secret Notebooks from the Apocalypse by Steven C. Schlozman

    Synopsis: As the walking dead rises up throughout the world, a few brave doctors attempt to find a cure by applying forensic techniques to captured zombies. Based on the research of renowned zombie expert Dr. Stanley Blum, performed at a remote island where a crack medical team has been sent to explore a radical theory that may lead to a cure for the epidemic, THE ZOMBIE AUTOPSIES documents for the first time the unique biology of zombie organisms. Twenty-five detailed drawings of the internal organs of actual zombies provide an accurate anatomy of these horrifying creatures, including zombie brains, hearts, lungs, skin, and the digestive system, while Dr. Blum's notes reveal shocking insights into how they function, even as Blum and his staff themselves begin to succumb to the plague. No one knows the ultimate fate of Dr. Blum or his researchers, but now that his notebook, THE ZOMBIE AUTOPSIES, has been made available to the UN, the World Health Organization, and the general public, his scientific discoveries may provide the last hope for humans on earth!...(Synopsis by Hachette)

    Imagine my surprise finding out that Steven C. Schlozman is a Harvard psychiatrist and has penned The Zombie Autopsies as a way of examining the biology of zombies. The Autopsies have over 20 diagrams that will spark and intrigue zombie followers the world over. This is not his first foray into the undead though according to these articles here.  I am curious. Very curious. In fact I am so curious that I will not be able to help myself but tear into this book.(chomp) interviewed him last year.

    Academic Psychiatry article "Vampires and Those Who Slay Them"

    Zombies Bite has posted Schlozman's academic presentation on zombies

    Mistification by Kaaron Warren

    Synopsis: Marvo grows up without knowing his parents, without knowing his heritage, without knowing much about life. The magicians have always been with us, since the beginning of civilisation. They fill our heads with the mist, keeping us from witnessing the stark reality of existence. But are things so bad that Marvo will bring it down on all of us, forever? Marvo begins to understand those around him, and his place in the world; he discovers that his remarkable powers can be put to good, or to evil. He only has to choose…(Synopsis by Angry Robot Books)

    Be sure to check out Kaaron's site here.  

    The Leaping by Tom Fletcher

    Synopsis: Jack finished university three years ago, but he's still stuck in a dead-end job in a sinister call-centre in Manchester. When the beautiful (and rich) Jennifer comes into his life he thinks he has finally found his ticket out of there. Trouble is that his boss is interested in Jennifer as well, and there's something strangely bestial about him...So when Jennifer buys Fell House, a mysterious old mansion out in remote Cumbria, a house party on a legendary scale seems like the perfect escape. But as the party spins out of control on a seemingly neverending night, they must face up to the terrifying possibility that not all their guests may be human - and some of them want to feed. An astonishing and innovative blend of horror, folktale and disturbing realism, The Leaping is the first installment in what is shaping up to be a genre-defining series.(Synopsis by Amazon)

    More on The Leaping...hint hint...its about werewolves and combines the best of mystery and horror. Here is more back talk on The Leaping:

    Hear what Victoria Gallagher has to say about The Leaping on The Bookseller.

    Get familiarized with other Quercus books.

    Find Tom at his page.



    A Book of Tongues by Gemma Files

    Synopsis: Two years after the Civil War, Pinkerton agent Ed Morrow has gone undercover with one of the weird West's most dangerous outlaw gangs-the troop led by "Reverend" Asher Rook, ex-Confederate chaplain turned "hexslinger," and his notorious lieutenant (and lover) Chess Pargeter. Morrow's task: get close enough to map the extent of Rook's power, then bring that knowledge back to help Professor Joachim Asbury unlock the secrets of magic itself.

    Magicians, cursed by their gift to a solitary and painful existence, have never been more than a footnote in history. But Rook, driven by desperation, has a plan to shatter the natural law that prevents hexes from cooperation, and change the face of the world-a plan sealed by an unholy marriage-oath with the goddess Ixchel, mother of all hanged men. To accomplish this, he must raise her bloodthirsty pantheon from its collective grave through sacrifice, destruction, and apotheosis.

    Caught between a passel of dead gods and monsters, hexes galore, Rook's witchery, and the ruthless calculations of his own masters, Morrow's only real hope of survival lies with the man without whom Rook cannot succeed: Chess Pargeter himself. But Morrow and Chess will have to literally ride through Hell before the truth of Chess's fate comes clear-the doom written for him, and the entire world. (Synopsis by Chizine Publications)

    Here's more on Gemma.

    A Certain Wolfish Charm by Lydia Dare

    I am on a new kick reading "paranormal historicals" of which there are too few on the market. So I am actively seeking them out. I'm almost finished with Bride of the Wolf by Susan Krinard (which I am enjoying immensely) and I've read Leanna Renee Hieber as well as Gail Garriger and Jane Lindskold. So I am looking forward to eat up debut author Lydia Dare!

    Synopsis: He gets crankier and crankier as the moon gets full…

    The rules of Society can be beastly—especially when you’re a werewolf and it’s that irritating time of the month. Simon Westfield, the Duke of Blackmoor, is rich, powerful, and sinfully handsome, and has spent his entire life creating scandal and mayhem. It doesn’t help his wolfish temper at all that Miss Lily Rutledge seems not the least bit afraid of him, and in fact, may be as untamable as he is…

    A woman whose charm is stronger than the moon…

    When Lily’s beloved nephew’s behavior becomes inexplicably wild, she turns to Simon, the boy’s cousin and guardian, for help. But Simon’s idea of assistance is far different than hers, and Lily finds herself ensconced in his house and engaged to the rogue.

    They both may have bitten off more than they can chew when each begins to discover the other’s darkest secrets…

    Read an Excerpt

    Find out more about Lydia Dare 

    The Demon Keepers by Jessica Andersen

     Synopsis: According to Mayan doomsday prophecy, 12/21/12 marks the end of the world in a global cataclysm that can only be prevented by the Nightkeepers, magical warriors enlisted to fight the rise of the underworld demons. To fulfill the final prophecy the Nightkeepers must find their mates, but when Lucius and Jade are charged with rescuing the Mayan sun god, they try to ignore their growing attraction. Unless they can confront their own demons and accept that love isn't a weakness, even destiny might not be able to save them...

    The Demon Keepers is #4 in Andersen's Final Prophecy series. Starting with #1 Night Keepers, #2 Dawn Keepers #3 Sky Keepers.

    Read an Excerpt



    King Rolen's Kin Trilogy by Rowena Cory Daniells


    I have been checking out a new trilogy release by Rowena Cory Daniells and I am very, very, very, interested.

    #1-King Rolen's Kin: The Bastard

    Synopsis: The Kingdom of Rolencia sleeps as rumours of new Affinity Seeps, places where the untamed power wells up. By royal decree all those afflicted with Affinity must serve the Abbey or face death. Sent to the Ab­bey, the King’s youngest son, Fyn, trains to become a warrior monk. Elsewhere others are tainted with Affinity and must fight to survive. Political intrigue and magic combine in this explosive first book in an exciting new fantasy trilogy. (Synopsis by Amazon)

    #2-King Rolen's Kin: The Uncrowned King

    Synopsis: Rolencia’s ancestry enemy, Merofynia, has invaded and marches on King Rolen’s castle. Powerless to help, thirteen yeard old Piro watches as her father, King Rolen, listens to poisoned whispers against Bryen. How could the King doubt his second son? De­termined to prove his loyalty, Bryen races across the path of the advancing army to ask the Abbot to send the warriors monks in defence of the castle. (Synopsis by Amazon)

    #3-King Rolen's Kin: The Usurper

    Synopsis: Now a slave, Piro finds herself in the Merofynian Palace where, if her real identity is discovered, she will be executed. Meanwhile, Fyn is desperate to help his brother, Bryen, who is now the uncrowned King. Bryen never sought power but now he finds himself at the centre of a dangerous resistance movement as the people of Rolencia flee vicious invaders. How can Byren defeat the invaders, when half his warriors are women and children, and the other half are untrained boys and old men? (Synopsis by Amazon)

    Be sire to check out Rowena's pages: and King Rolen's Kin site, Clint Langley's site who did the cover work Solaris Books as well as Solaris' blog. Enjoy!




    13 To Life by Shannon Delaney

    Ahhh more werewolves. I never get tired of reading about them. And Delany's got a historical twist going that's pretty unique.

    Synopsis: Jessica's life seemed difficult enough since the sudden loss of her mother, but meeting Pietr Rusakova turns her world upside down again. The newest member of Junction High, Pietr is a first generation Russian-American, a fact that by itself makes him different enough to get lots of attention in the small town. But Pietr is far more than good looks and an interesting accent, Pietr has secrets to hide-secrets including dramatic changes he's undergoing that will surely end his life early. Secrets dating back to the Cold War get the better of Jessica's curiosity, leading her into an exciting and dangerous world where her understanding of reality and what makes a man or a monster will be challenged.

    Find about more about Shannon at her page.

    Banished by Sophie Littlefield

    Synopsis: Sixteen-year-old Hailey Tarbell can't wait for the day she'll leave Gypsum, Missouri, far behind, taking only four-year-old Chub, the developmentally-delayed little boy her cruel drug-dealing grandmother fosters for the state money. But when a freak accident in gym class leaves a girl in critical condition, Hailey feels drawn to lay her hands on the injured girl and an astonishing healing takes place. Before Hailey can understand her new powers, a beautiful stranger shows up...just in time to save her and Chub from hired killers. A desperate race begins, with Hailey as the ultimate prize: there are those who will stop at nothing to harness her gifts to create an undefeatable army of the undead. Now it is up to Hailey and a small but determined family of healers to stand up to the unbelievable and face the unthinkable.

    Read an Excerpt

    The Freak Observer by Blythe Woolston

    Synopsis: For eight years, Loa Lindgren's world ran like one of those mechanical models of the solar system, with her baby sister, Asta, as the sun. Asta suffered from a genetic disorder that left her a permanent infant, and caring for her was Loa's life. Everything spun neatly and regularly as the whole family orbited around Asta.

    But now Asta's dead, and 16-year-old Loa's clockwork galaxy has collapsed. As Loa spins off on her own, her mind ambushes her with vivid nightmares and sadistic flashbacks—a textbook case of PTSD. But there are no textbook fixes for Loa's short-circuiting brain. She must find her own way to pry her world from the clutches of death.

    The Freak Observer is a startling debut about death, life, astrophysics, and finding beauty in chaos.(Synopsis by Carolrhoda Lab)

    Find out more about Blythe Woolston at her blog.


    On The Fiendish Radar for 2010: The Clock Work Angel!!

    Finally! News about Cassandra Clare's eagerly awaited NEW (brand spanking) series, The Infernal Devices is out! The Clockwork Angel now has a cover and I have to tell you...when reading about this I felt as if I had been zapped with a bizzillion bolts. Out of all the series I am looking forward to, #1 is the last installment of The Fever Series by Karen M. Moning (coming out in Dec. What will happen to Mac and the Gang?) and #2 is The Infernal Devices. 

    Clare is one of my top 5 authors because the The Mortal Instruments series ROCKS! It's exquisite, the setting, the characters, everything about the series is amazing. has all the nuts and bolts of the story plus a mini-view. So be sure to click the link and enjoy!


    On The Fiendish Radar for 2010

    Okay, so I originally posted a few of the books that I was impatiently waiting to come out this year...authors who have left us in a Since that posting I had a moment to add all the notable (eye-waggling) books that are firmly on my radar for the year.

    It's a smorgasborg of new horror, sci/fi, YA, and fantasy. These are intriguing reads that I definitely want to dive into. I've listed them HERE for now. In the future they will be filed under Fiendish Radar 2010. 



    Zombie Brittanica by Thomas Emson features a Londoner mom fighting her way through her city that has now become over-run by zombies. Read more here.

    Skarlet by Thomas Emson is a juicy read about a club drug that inadvertently kills its users only to have them rise two days later and feast on the living. All of London will have to figure out a way to hide from these bloodthirsty vamps or learn to whistle through their necks. Having read Maneater, I am eagerly, yes, eagerly looking forward to more of Emson. Read more here.

    Flu by Wayne Simmon's is a zombie novel about an epidemic that morphs into a full fledged zombie flood. What more could you want: epidemics and zombies the perfect combination in a tasty horror treat. I've not read Simmon's before and I am looking forward to diving in feet first. Read more here.



    New Model Army by Adam Roberts is about a civil war in futuristic Britain that tears the country apart. Read about the book here.

    Shine by Jetse de Vries is a positive spin on the future. Instead of bemoaning the state of the world and delving too far off the deep end...Shine is poised to put its best foot forward and focus the sci-fi genre on a twist...what if everything worked out? What if the future is something to look forward to? Intrigued? I know I am. Read more at Shine's weblog.

    Loups-Garous by Natsuhiko Kyogoku is an interesting blend of futuristic sci-fi and paranormal, as a group of Japanese teens are being targeted by a killer who may or may not be a werewolf. Read an ExcerptThank you to Haikasoru for this hard-to-get excerpt.




    Tsunami Blue by Gayle Ann Williams-is something I am really, really looking forward to reading for the simple reason that there is an obvious lack of futuristic romance in the genre. Sure there is a smattering but nothing that comes close to what Gayle Ann Williams has written... Just because the plot and setting is so fresh is the main reason I want to get my hands on this book. A Waterworld (but much better) Earth in the future with a heroine and hero saving the world? Sign me up! Incidentally, Tsunami Blue won the Shomi Writing Contest. Read more here.

    Changeless by Gail Garriger-Gail Carriger is one of my favorite authors, after reading "Soulless" I was sold! Changeless is the sequel bringing us back to Alexia and Connal well mostly...Alexia is up the creek, with her parasol of course but her husband has disappeared and she's got to deal with the pack, politics, and an angry regent. There's bound to be repercussions of the giggling kind. And Carriger has the funniest book blurb I have ever read, you'll feel like she poked you in your funnybone with her parasol, check it out here. If you're familiar with the series you'll understand ;)

    The Darkly Luminous Fight for Miss Persephone Parker by Leanna Renee Hieber is another eagerly awaited sequel. After devouring the first Miss Parker, I became entranced with Hieber's language and skill to create atmosphere and real story weaving.  Fans (like myself) are bound to get resolution on some issues posed in the first novel. Read more here.

    Dead in the Family (if the cover is any indication) might give us crazy fans what's going to happen with Sookie and Eric! We're dying to know. Go Team Eric!!!! As well as devouring this book, my sister and I will be glued to HBO's screen when Season Three will be aired this June. And I have heard from blogs everywhere we will DEFINITELY be seeing "MORE" (wink-wink) of Eric this season. (perhaps in his spandex pants-eh?) Read the excerpt here.

    Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs is another hot installment I've been pining for. Mercedes, Adam, Sam and the gang are in for a bit of rough seas as Mercy gets stuck with a fae tome that the fae want back, badly. Read more here.

    White Cat by Holly Black is about her Curseworker world which is pretty enticing, cannot wait for this book to be released. Read an excerpt here.


    How does a squid, an apocalypse and an underworld go together? Read an Excerpt of Kraken by China Mieville

    The Crown of the Blood by Gavin Thorpe is a spell-binding demonic fantasy that I am itching to read. As soon as I find an excerpt I'll post it here. But for now check the book out and other Angry Robot books.

    Thanks to Aidan Moher of A Dribble of Ink and Speculative Horizons for info on Kraken and the link. ;) 



    Bloodlines by Lindsay Kendal is a YA paranormal novel about teen Keira Jameson discovering the legacy of her supernatural gift and the potential deadly consequences of such a quest. What is the fifth bloodline? Spooky 'eh?  Read here for more about the book. 

    The Glass Demon by Helen Grant is a paranormal thriller about 17 yr old Lin Fox who is slowly being taunted and haunted by something sinister. 

    The Guardian of the Dead by Karen Healey is about a young girl, Ellie Spencer who is at boarding school in New Zealand and becomes entangled in Maori mysticism...some of which could end up being deadly. Read about it here.

    I have a list of new YA debut authors that I am reading posted on the 2010 Challenges link, these are debut authors with great stories: dystopian worlds, faery and paranormal. All new voices. If you're interested in these genres, click their links on that page.


    As always I am on the hunt for new reads and will be adding to the Radar frequently. Just like everyone else...avidly waiting for Karen Marie Moning's final installment to the Fever series to be released, Chloe Neill's Chicagoland series, Erica Hayes, and Keri Arthur. Ahhh the list goes's dizzying!


    Screech! Debut YA Trilogy by Josephine Angelini in 2011

    (slamming brakes) Woah! A new debut YA trilogy to look forward to? Awesome! Imagine my surprise when trawling through Publisher's Weekly and came across Rachel Deahl's article about Harper Teen's recent deal for Josephine Angelini's Greek Tragedy trilogy. Very cool indeed.

    It won't be out until 2011 so patience is definitely a virtue. It's not like I won't have something to do while waiting for it, because 2010 is chock full of plenty of debut authors (of all genres) out there. And my TBR pile is already tilting slightly...

    Read about it straight from the horse's mouth: Publisher's Weekly

    Ta Ta!


    Upcoming Fiendishly Good Reads for 2010!

    Ahhh, a new year and with it brings the anticipation of the most fiendishly awaited novels of 2010.

    The bookish buzz is ablaze. What will happen to Mercy, Adam and Sam?

    Who actually died at the end of Dream Fever? Will MacKayla Lane be conquered by the overwhelming forces of evil, or will she survive with her soul intact?

    What is going to happen with Sookie and Eric? Will she ever be turned into a vampire?

    And what about Merit-will she and Ethan ever have a looove connection?

    And Rachel Morgan...I have been hoping for a connection between her and Minias or Al well...because that would just be naughty and yes...sexxxxy. 

    Will our favorite authors deliver? Hundreds of questions, and lots of wondering. What will 2010 bring? 

    These are just a few highlights of what is coming out but I really do have a list as long as my arm of books I am feverishly waiting to come out (looking at arm). Just check out the New Releases section.

    Here are just some of them:




























































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