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    New Fiendish Review: My Dangerous Duke by Gaelen Foley

    Book:               My Dangerous Duke

    Author:            Gaelen Foley

    Publisher:       Avon/Harper Collins

    ISBN/ASIN:    9780061733970

    Rating:             3.75 Stars

    Release Date:  June 29, 2010

    Buy:   | Amazon | B&N | Borders | Powell’s

    Read Chapter One of My Dangerous Duke (you won’t be disappointed!)

    Check out Gaelen’s page here 

    Gaelen Foley’s debut Inferno Club series starts off with a saucy bang as Duke Rohan Kilburn, aka The Beast surveys his latest present: a trussed up delectable morsel known as Kate Madsen. But all is not what it seems. In fact, Kate is not what she seems. She could very well be the most dangerous thing dropped into Rohan’s lap in quite a while.

    Deposited at Kilburn Castle in the wilds of Cornwall by a band of smugglers, Kate apparently is a “gift” for the notorious lord. But as Rohan unravels the mystery of Kate, he realizes that she is the mere tip of the iceberg of a conspiracy that straddles centuries between the Prometheans and the Order of St. Michael. Who exactly is Kate Madsen and how does she threaten the cause of St. Michael? Can Rohan stifle his attraction to her in order to fulfill his duty to the Order and the Inferno Club?

    My Dangerous Duke has everything a saucy historical romance should have: thrills, a mysterious legacy, a curse, two warring factions, a treasure hunt, pirates, a long lost father, and yes, torrid, steamy naughtiness. Foley, at times, leans more into plot than romance, yet the overall feel of the book is one of good fun though lop-sided. We have the expected HEA, and some breathless sighs to go along with it-and the anticipation of more. I definitely want to see more of Drake who is in quite a pickle.

    I actually read My Dangerous Duke on a road trip and along the way read passages out loud to my sister who giggled along with me. We loved how Foley painted Rohan, which was a collaborative effort of both good characterization and language. My only criticism of the book is the title. For such a fun, juicy substance filled book the title itself seems a bit benign. The plot alone is so much more than “My Dangerous Duke” Could we have come up with something better perhaps? Maybe “The Infernal Duke” or “How the Duke of Warrington aka The Beast Manages his Noble Member” (lol) either way, the book has definite toe-curling appeal and will delight all who dives into its minty freshness.

    A Fiendishly Bookish Review (and one grumpy cat)

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