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    New Fiendish Review: Whisper of Scandal by Nicola Cornick

    Book:               Whisper of Scandal

    Author:             Nicola Cornick

    Publisher:        Harlequin

    ISBN/ASIN:      9780373774401

    Release Date:  Sept 28, 2010

    Rating:   4.5 Stars

    Buy: | Amazon | B&N| IndieBound | Powell’s | Books A Million |

    Check out Nicola’s page.

    Read a Sneak Preview of Whisper of Scandal.

    Lady Joanna Ware holds a secret close to her heart, and after having been devastated over and over again in her marriage, she has perfected a frosty persona that the ton has both embraced and whispered about.

    It has taken her twelve months to get used to the death of her husband, explorer Lord David Ware. And during that year she has lived on borrowed time, in a house that is no longer hers, and an uncertain future. When Lord Alex Grant returns from the Arctic with a missive from her husband’s deathbed, it can only spell more trouble for Joanna.

    But that is just the tip of the iceberg. When she has been delivered the news that her profligate husband has left his illegitimate child at the monastery of Bellsund, and named both Alex and Joanna as guardians, then its gets much, much, worse.

    Lord Grant despises Joanna despite his searing attraction to her, and has been turned completely against her by the things that he has heard from her late husband. Joanna realizes that she cannot fight his prejudice. But somehow they must come to an accord, to make it to Spitsbergen and fulfill the terms of Lord David’s will.

    What follows is a bracing adventure into wilds of the Arctic Circle, as their unlikely entourage encounters bears, inescapable sea ice, island natives, and each other. Somehow, somewhere, things start to thaw between Alex and Joanna, and she must entrust her secret, and her heart, yet once again.

    Nicola Cornick is by no means a cookie-cutter historical romance novelist. Rather, her characters are earthy, tangibly real, and not always cut from a pristine cloth. In fact, Cornick’s characters dwell both the in the haute ton, and the lowliest slums and rookeries of London.

    It is that diversity, that allows Cornick to push the envelope of her characters and flesh out compelling stories that have not been told a dozen times before. Her historicals are sprinkled with unapologetic fortune hunters, disgraced courtesans, and pure debutantes that willingly embroil themselves in a scandalous quest for sensuality.

    Whisper of Scandal is such a story, spilling with excitement, scandalous scenes, and a stirring romance that pulls the reader willingly along on an adventurous journey. The sensual attraction between Alex and Joanna honestly could melt the polar ice cap. It was breathtakingly original AND without a doubt, the scene between James Devlin and Lottie Cummings just about made me blush! Scorching. Naughty. We definitely need a book about dashing Devlin!

    After finishing Whisper of Scandal, I decided I needed more Nicola Cornick! The very same day I devoured her scintillating Lord of Scandal, and Secrets of a Courtesan. Both were incredible, fun, and had a satisfying and genuine HEA. Great reads!

    A Fiendishly Bookish Review (and one grumpy cat)

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