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    New Juicy Review: Pleasure of a Dark Prince

    Book:             Pleasure of a Dark Prince

    Author:          Kresley Cole

    Publisher:      Simon & Schuster

    ISBN:               9781416580959

    Rating:         Four Stars

    Buy:    | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Borders | Indiebound |

    Read an Excerpt

    In A Hunger Like No Other, Kresley Cole introduced us to the incomparable couple of Lachlain MacRieve and Emmaline Troy. In Pleasure of a Dark Prince, Cole continues the story with Garreth, another equally likeable and lick-a-licious Lykae who also happens to be Lachlain’s brother.

    Pleasure of a Dark Prince seems more sumptuous in plot and visuals than previous novels, and Cole capitalizes on the innate banter that richly flows between the Valkyrie sisterhood, as well as the Lykae. You’ll catch yourself laughing…frequently. The texting between Regin and Lucia, as well as the infallible Nix-isms is infectious and always delivers. It was definitely an enjoyable read, with the overall impression that more work went into plotting of this book. The key is mining back to that original story, and fans obsession with the Lykae, which I will admit, I am just as guilty of, as any other.

    This time, Cole’s arrow shoots true by continuing a story that remains on most readers and reviewers lists as their top favorite paranormal romance.  The attraction between Garreth and Lucia is scorching hot and Cole has outdone herself with the whoopee scenes. Really, really sizzling! The stakes are higher, with Cole also hinting at the impending Accession in the Lore, and hot on everyone’s heels. Action speeds up towards critical mass in Pleasure, but the characters have their own issues to deal with despite the impending cataclysm of warring supernatural factions.

    Cole takes the reader back to the familiar territory of Val Hall in New Orleans, and the Lykae manse compound Kinevane in Scotland as Garreth tracks his Valkyrie/Skathian mate, Lucia the Archer. A new setting this time, Cole brings the characters to the wilds of the Amazon channeling some serious Dirk Pitt, William Race, and Lara Croft as Garreth and Lucia try to acquire the dieumort, an arrow that possesses the power to off a god.  Lucia is desperate for this weapon of power due to the fact that the god they are trying to off is…her own husband, Cruach, aka Crom Cruach, The Broken, Bloody One.

    For readers just discovering Cole, I highly recommend reading A Hunger Like No Other and Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night just to familiarize themselves with the Immortals After Dark series as well as the schism between Valkyrie, Lykae, Vampire Horde as well as Lachlain and Emma’s story. Pleasure was a memorable, scrumptious read, that most likely I will read to tatters just like Hunger, especially since we have been left a Lore cliff-hanger of epic proportions. Greedily looking forward to what is revealed when Cole’s next installment, Demon from The Dark is released!

    A Fiendishly Bookish Review

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