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    New Juicy Review: Marked by Elisabeth Naughton

    Book:              Marked         

    Author:           Elisabeth Naughton      

    Publisher:       Dorchester      

    ISBN/ASIN:    9780505528223         

    Rating:            4.5 Stars   

    Buy:  | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Borders | Indiebound |

    Read an Excerpt

    Naughton channels a smattering of Sherrilyn Kenyon and Rick Riordan in her debut new Eternal Guardian series Marked which brings Greek and Roman mythology to the fore as an eternal guardian Theron must struggle with the sacrifice that will be needed to save his kingdom. But the sacrifice could well be his intended mate. 

    Never has an Argonaut been put to the test as Theron has. Hera has marked his soul mate as Acacia Simopolous, who is half human and half-Argoleon. She doesn’t even know of her heritage having grown up as human, let alone knowing that there could be an otherworldly family that she knows nothing about. And yet despite Theron’s incredible attraction to her, he is pledged to none other than her half-Argoleon sister, Isadora. Throw in an ancient prophecy requiring the sacrifice of one of the sisters, and an evil goddess who is determined to decimate a kingdom and defy the gods to do it and you have an explosively hot paranormal treat.

    How can Theron make such a choice? The love of his eternal life versus everyone and everything he knows, his beloved city of Tiyrns utterly destroyed. The wrong choice will lead to the destruction of Argolea and inevitably humankind, and he is running out of time to make a decision. In the background, the gods are conniving and manipulating forces for their own ends: Hades on side, Atalanta on the other, and the Fates thrown into the mix as well.

    Naughton’s pantheon is an interesting and inventive take of Greek and Roman mythology intermeshed with paranormal elements of her own devising.  She has the ability to connect to her reader, deliver exactly what is needed to move the plot and the romantic suspense forward and does not pull punches to achieve her goal. She convincingly made me believe all was lost, pushed me off the cliff, and then held down a hand to bring me back up again. Nothing will do but the most potent and heady ingredients for Naughton’s story. Her forte appears to be wrangling every drop of romance possible and laying it out for the reader to consume voraciously. Thrillingly romantic, heart-rending and satisfying…all in one breath.

    You’ll be wearing a smug, satisfied smile at the end of Marked. Guaranteed. Next out in the series is Entwined, hitting the shelves on July 27, 2010. Discover more about Elisabeth Naughton here.

    A Fiendishly Bookish Review

    Reader Comments (3)

    Juicy indeed!!=) I have this one in my GoodReads TBR. I really want to read this!!

    btw, I hope I am posting correct!=)

    April 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterChas

    Hi Chas,

    It was supremely juicy! I am really excited about this new series, plus a very nice "chest" cover! ;)

    April 13, 2010 | Registered Commenterfiendishly bookish

    I've never read a historical romance that includes Greek mythology, that sounds really cool! Thanks for the review!

    January 26, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRomance Novels

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