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    New Fiendish Review: Secrets of the Demon by Diana Rowland

    Book:                    Secrets of the Demon

    Author:                  Diana Rowland

    Publisher:             Daw

    ISBN/ASIN:           9780756406523

    Rating:                  4 Stars

    Release Date:       Out now

    Check out Diana Rowland’s site and her fabulous books

    Kara Gillian has come a long way from that initial summoning in Mark of the Demon (#1). That one changed her life forever, brought Rhyzkahl, a powerful demonic lord into her life, as well as a whole new set of supernatural dangers… including getting herself dead…transported to a demon plane and summarily resurrected. … It’s all in a day’s work right? Rigggght. But Rowland always hinted at more.

    In Blood of the Demon (#2) Rowland basically whetted our appetite for more by placing Kara in an untenable position with Rhyzkahl.  In order to save Ryan’s life she ends up bound to the demon lord for no less than three years. It’s not something she wants to do, but the decision was taken out of her hands

    For Secrets of the Demon, remember to place your fire extinguisher nearby when diving into Diana Rowland’s latest police procedurals series with demon summoner Kara Gillian. Rowland burns up the pages with some incendiary scenes making Secrets of the Demon by far my favorite and the best of the series.  Rowland is out the gate blazingly strong and dropping plot and character bombs left and right that had my jaw dropping. This is the pivotal book that veers into the direction readers have been clamoring for.   All those hints of the demon realm? All those questions about Ryan and Kara?  Rhyzkahl and his master plan? Yup, juiciness abounds.

    Everything that Rowland has presented in the first two books of the series is now finally coming together, culminating into a steamy sexy pot of action, hidden danger, and secrets. Everything is “more” in Secrets, especially the clues into Special Agent Ryan Kristoff’s character which has been an enigma from the very start. The hints that he was a kiraknikahl or oathbreaker, and the simple fact that the demons recognize him and despise him. The biggest question of all….where did Ryan get his powers from? What exactly is he and what will he inevitably mean to Kara? And what’s Rhyzkahl going to do about it? I’ve got my money down that in the next book, Rhyzkahl and Ryan are going to throw down and it’s not going to be pretty.

    Another big development is the fact that there are rumblings in the demon realm, and some of Rhyzkahl’s enemies have begun to target Kara to get at him. This is great plot point because it draws Rhyzkahl and Kara closer…demonstrating what he might actually feel for her: commodity, lover or something more?  It’s also a great opportunity to introduce a new character in the form of a protector: Eilahn, a demon that, Rhyzkahl has ordered to protect Kara.

    The key ingredient that Rowland excels at is suspense and she’s packed Secrets with plenty of it. Perhaps so much so that you end up with more questions than answers because Rowland plays it so close to the vest. But what I get is that Rowland has been carefully calculating this plot all along, balancing out the police procedurals plot along with the demon summoner plotline and how they mesh with each other.

    It’s obvious that from Secrets of the Demon the next installment that the demon realm will take precedence. And I have it on good authority (actually my confidential informant) (wink wink) has hinted that we are so headed for the demon realm. Now that…I am licking my lips for.

    (kudos and quips to the “Frak Off” and “Fruity Oaty Bars” reference. Loved it!)

    Part of the 2011 Book Chick City Horror and Urban Fantasy Challenge

    A Fiendishly Bookish Review (and one grumpy cat) 

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