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    Carnal Angels and Insatiable Soul Thirst: Reading "Bond With Me" by Anne Marsh

    Book:                   Bond with Me

    Author:               Anne Marsh

    Publisher:           Leisure

    ISBN/ASIN:         9781428509221

    Rating:                  4 Stars

    Release Date:    Out Now!!!

    Carnal angels, a heavenly battle gone wrong, and drinking down the shimmering life of a soul-this is the fate of the Fallen in Anne Marsh’s erotic thriller Bond with Me.

    Marsh’s damned angels exist as sensual lords of darkness in the seething underground of M-City, where the icy currents of the Moskva River churns and the fragmented Soviet-era buildings still stand-remnants of the distant past. For the Fallen, the only way to feel is to drink in the life of a soul-by bonding with another and in turn, they can grant any wish…any desire. This has placed them in an envious position of power in M-City ruling over the paranormal subterranean elements with an iron fist, and as immortal enigmas to the human population.

    For the human female population of M-City, being bonded to a Fallen is tantamount to a lifetime goal. But for Mischka Baran it is one goal that she has no intention of pursuing. When she enters G2 the most exclusive club in the City and owned by Brends Duranov one of the Fallen’s powerful, she goes with the intent of tracking down her wayward cousin Pelinor. She doesn’t imagine becoming embroiled in a murder, enmeshed with the Fallen, Pelinor disappearing, or being hunted by a predator. But in the blink of an eye, and in the gun sights of Brends, her life as she knows it, changes forever.

    When M-City suffers a rash of brutal murders, all fingers point towards a Fallen rogue. That is until Brends and Mischka stumble upon clues that show that this particular rogue is targeting a certain set of women, with a certain set of bloodlines and a conspiracy that will keep them eternally forsaken on Earth. They must delve deep into their ancient history, back to the time of the wars, and the Fall to remember what was forgotten and realize that Michael’s promise of redemption wasn’t an empty one.  Much in the way that Christine Feehan’s Carpathians hunger for their soul mate, so do the Fallen have a soul-mate intended for each and every one of them.

    The Fallen are a tad remote, but intriguing and insatiably sexy. It’s her female lead, Mischka Baran that deserves a bit of our attention. Without excessive posturing, Marsh fashions Mischka as a self-assured dominant, her cool demeanor prevailing and tempering Brend’s volatility-in this, the two characters complete each other, blow hot and cold, and are evenly matched. This theme of ice and flame is repeated throughout Bond with Me, its setting purposeful…the cold, brittle world of M-City juxtaposed with the banked flames of the Fallen. It is also Mischka’s ice that cracks, adding to the sense of capitulation when Marsh starts the steady burn, capably weaving and fanning the embers into a full-blown inferno that licks out of control.  Any more Marsh accelerant and we would have to contend with a conflagration.

    The added tasties to Marshs’ mix are Brends’ brother-in-arms, Zer and Dathan, who also play pivotal roles in Bond with Me. Their mysterious leader Zer, who can barely contain his intensity, is an incredible tidbit to dangle in front of readers. Relegated to witness the bond ceremony between Brends and Mischka, his ferocity and sexual hunger is an overwhelming scene stealer. And knowing that he has not been passive in past bonding ceremonies had me licking my lips hungrily. I am hoping, hoping, hoping, that Marsh’s next novel about the Fallen is about our lovely deprived Zer.  Just think plate tectonics…he is a 12 on the Richter scale ready to blow, to create some earth shattering movement.

    Dathan on the other hand, who is paired with Pelinor is dreamy mix. His desires held close under wraps but eyes squarely on Pell, he has managed to befriend her for four years without touching her, without coercing her to a bond until the right time. That amount of patience is well worth the wait, as Marsh takes it to the limit, steam bath style.  Incredibly detailed and nuanced.

    All in all, Bond with Me is not something to miss. Intense, incredibly sensual and seductive, I hung onto every word, fully transported into the world of the Fallen. Highly recommended.

    A Fiendishly Bookish Review (and one grumpy cat)

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