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    Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Come to Life: "Backstage Pass" by Olivia Cunning

    Book:                   Backstage Pass

    Author:                Olivia Cunning

    Publisher:           Sourcebooks

    ISBN/ASIN:         9781402244421

    Rating:                  4 Stars

    Release Date:    Out Now!!!

    Read an Excerpt

    Olivia Cunning milks every girls’ hottest rock n roll fantasy, cranks it up with a high octane twist and shreds up the pages in her ripping debut Backstage Pass, about a repressed sex psychologist who becomes involved with one of her favorite bands. It’s hot. It shrieks from the pages. It’s so sinfully sexy that when I read it in public my face was in FLAMES!

    When Myrna Evans spots one of her favorite bands Sinners in a hotel restaurant, she can’t help but crash their informal party. She is especially drawn to lead guitarist “Master” Brian Sinclair, who she has always had a crush on. And hard to believe, they are attracted to one another, in the most elemental way possible.  The chemistry that Brian and Myra have is insatiable and undeniable. As Myrna fuels Brian’s creative genius with her mind and body he can’t help but realize that the indefinable something that’s been missing from his her.

    Each brings their own share of baggage into the relationship and Cunning plays to the emotional conflict well. Easily the most skillful guitarist in the band, Brian has lived his whole life in the shadow of his father, a rock music legend without fully believing in his talents. And under that stoic façade Cunning shows readers that there is a tormented musical genius straining to surface. With Myna he can believe enough in himself to let it through.

    It’s a liberating and courageous character that Cunning has created in Myrna, and with every sensual encounter with Brian, the restraints start to loosen. Myrna must come to terms with her own physical and emotional boundaries. After a disastrous marriage that left her beaten emotionally and physically, Myrna has struggled with her own sexuality. As Brian and Myrna’s lovemaking crosses all boundaries, Cunning shows a woman who grows to embrace her sexuality-And to trust…and to love once again.  It is an empowering metamorphosis.

    Cunnings well-written erotic romance is an F5 twister that takes the reader on the ride of their life. From backstage shenanigans, to touring on the road, to the most intimate heart of Myrna and Brian and their sexual explorations, Backstage Pass will whet your appetite for more of the Sinners band mates and their intimate lives.  Jace, Trey, Eric and Sedric each have their own sensual story to tell and with the hints that Cunning has dropped about their lifestyles each successive book will no doubt be gobbled up.

    I loved everything about Backstage Pass, primarily because it tastefully pushed the sexual envelope within a romantic framework that readers will sigh over. I did, and fanned my face repeatedly. The scene with Trey is...torrid...flaming hot. Backstage Pass is very much a book-of-the-moment, both in theme and content. And it’s absolutely searing. I freakin’ loved it and now I NEED to hear Sedric’s story!

    A Fiendishly Bookish Review (and one grumpy cat)

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