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    Trademark Christina Dodd At Her Best with "Taken By the Prince"

    Book:                  Taken by the Prince

    Author:               Christina Dodd

    Publisher:           Signet

    ISBN/ASIN:         9780451413048

    Rating:                  4.5 Stars

    Release Date:    Out Now!!!

    Read an Excerpt

    Christina Dodd revives the grandeur in historical romance with Taken by the Prince her latest release that kindles memories of the unforgettable characters, rampant humour, and amusing situations she trademarked in her Distinguished Academy of Governesses series. Doted on with Dodd’s careful, but solidly distinctive style, Taken by the Prince is a measured effort, and well…nearly perfect. 

    This time in Taken by the Prince, Dodd penned a similar theme to an earlier release, The Runaway Princess (1999), with her male lead Saber, a bastard and the unwilling heir apparent to the Viscount of Grimsborough. He is also a prince of Moricadia of the fabled House of de Barbari Jinete. Brought to England because he is Grimsborough’s last resort, the Viscount is willing clothe and educate Saber provided he bends to his rules. When Saber (now renamed Raul) comes of age, his one objective other than fleeing the coldness of Grimsborough Abbey would be to return to his beloved country of Moricadia and take back the throne.

    But the childhood friend of his sister Belle entrances him and their one shared kiss….that set off sparks of passion for the two of them will not be easily forgotten.

    Three years later and now a governess, Victoria Cardiff, the vixen that set his blood boiling crosses his path when on vacation in Moricadia with her host family. Unbeknownst to her, Raul has spent the past three years, and most of his gambling fortune funding an impending revolution against the de Guignards who wrested the throne from Raul’s ancestors. When Victoria recognizes Raul at a local hotel, all could be lost if she reveals his true identity as Prince Saber and true heir to the throne of Moricadia.

    Like exotic Baminia in The Runaway Princess, Dodd transports the reader to far off Moricadia, where the customs and colors of its citizens fill the pages with richness and a gypsy-like courtliness. From Sabers crumbling ancestral castle, the kidnapped Victoria begins to learn the meaning of yearning as Saber sensually entices her each and every night. But a simple capitulation is not what he seeks. He wants Victoria body, heart and soul.

    Cutting my teeth on novelists like Dodd, Deveraux, McNaught, and Garwood, I can honestly say that Dodd’s consistent writing style with historical romance fiction and her creation of believable but creatively imagined characters is one of her many strengths.  Despite the stutter of her Darkness Chosen series (of which I was not a fan), she continues to write exceptional contemporary and historical romances that I purchase on site.

    Taken by the Prince was a satisfying read, with little surprise. Any fan of historical romance will instantly love it because it delivers a well-balanced plot and romance that exceeds expectations. The nights that Raul taunts Victoria are amazingly romantic and heated-the highlight of this extraordinary romance!

     I have already unearthed my favorite Dodd novels to re-read: The Rules of Surrender, The Rules of Engagement and The Rules of Attraction.

    Highly Recommended!

    A Fiendishly Bookish Review (and one grumpy cat)

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