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    New Juicy Review: Tsunami Blue by Gayle Ann Williams

    Book:                            Tsunami Blue

    Author:                       Gayle Ann Williams

    Publisher:                   Dorchester

    ISBN/ASIN:                  9780505528216

    Rating:                        5 Stars (FB's Top Ten of 2010)

    Buy:    | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Borders | Indiebound |

    Read an Excerpt (Click Browse Inside)

    Kathryn “Blue” O’Malley has always had an affinity for water. When the first waves came dooming humanity to live the rest of their lives on islands surrounded by wave prone oceans of death, it was the first indication that she was able to do something “special”. On that day, humanities last blast, Blue was able to save lives, and warn those that would listen. Call her what you want, savior or witch, that very gift has also made her highly sought after. 

    Now the world has adjusted as well as they can to its blue surroundings. Humanity is limping along as best as they can. There are Uplanders…those who dwell on land in what cities still standing, scavenging the leftovers of civilization, and other pioneers living in remote isolation. And there are Runners…modern day pirates, some with an evil cannibalistic bent, scourge to anything living and dead. These days, Blue is in the wind…with her short-wave radio, saving the innocent and teaching the ignorant that when the sea talks you listen.

    When Gabriel Black lands on Blue’s remote island, half dead, the dreaded 666 Runner tattoo emblazoned on his shoulder, Blue scarcely knows what to think. Does she save his life or kill him? Not far behind him are the smoking fires of Runners. Decision made, Blue and Gabriel embark on a treacherous journey to outwit an entire fleet of bloodthirsty pirates. The tentative trust between these two main characters is chock full of erotic suspense and the searing attraction licks off the pages. But who is Black exactly and what does he want from her? Does he work for Indigo the leader of the Runners? Or someone else? What powers does he possess?

    Tsunami Blue translates as an experience, and so much more than a book. Williams will take you on an amazing adventure; her stunning vision brilliantly conceived, and rapid fire from start to finish. At times I felt propelled by jet fuel as I ripped through the pages. Her exceptional sense of humor and the witty repartee present within the pages are screamingly funny. Blue is not a meek female by any means, but a knife-wielding temptress that can quip with the best of them, and hold her own against the worst of Runner scum. And Gabriel Black will die first before giving her up.

    The world building of the newly submerged Pacific Northwest that Williams portrays is completely believable and illustrated with ferocious examples: lethal cage fights (reminiscent of Mad Max), the great white shark pens where the unlucky end up as daily meals, and the predators that exist around every corner. In Williams’ world its kill or be killed. But there is room for love and Gabriel and Blue must learn to depend on one another, giving into the tsunami of feelings that is inevitably building between them. I am a huge speculative fiction fan, and this is the best original work I have read in ages. It’s an exceptional meshing of Williams’ unique storytelling skills, her post-apocalyptic vision and red-hot romance. More please! Fans are definitely going to demand a sequel!

    Find out more about Gayle Ann Williams and her novels here.

    A Fiendishly Bookish Review


    New Juicy Review: Steamed by Katie MacAlister

    Book:              Steamed

    Author:            Katie MacAlister

    Publisher:       Signet

    ISBN/ASIN:    0451229312

    Rating:            Four Stars

    Zapped into the aether by a zany laboratory mishap, Jack Fletcher and his sister Hallie find themselves aboard a real live airship-in an alternate universe, at the mercy of Captain Octavia Pye and her crew of the Tesla. Grappling with the realization that they are far from Kansas and no Toto, Jack and Hallie are thrust into the madcap adventures of the Tesla, the ongoing war with the Moghuls (against the Emperor), and the revolutionary force Black Hand who are dead-set at toppling the Empire. And that’s just what they have to deal with first in order to find a way back home. If they can even get home.

    I was endlessly grinning throughout this book because MacAlister’s characterizations are engaging and fiercely funny. Always. She has a knack for writing the most amazing comedic scenes and dialogue and its not just restricted to Steamed but in all her books. With a great cast of supporting characters such as Francisco, Mowen, Piper, Dooley, Christian and others each with their own eclectic bent, you’ll find yourself laughing nearly at every page. (I still want to know Mr. Llama’s secret!)

    The mating dance between Octavia and Jack is charming, and hilarious. Jack is such an easy going character so different from other author’s conception of a hero: he’s affable, sexy in an Indiana Jones’ kind of way, and he’s not a shapeshifter or vampire. He’s not laden down with any tattoos or mysterious power other than his priceless sense of humor. Just a geeky tech scientist who wants Tavey in his bed and will connive anyway to do it and while she’ll protest the entire time, she wants Jack in the fiercest way.

    There’s no stopping it. Steamed is an adventure to read and one that I enjoyed. The romance is snugly inserted into one daring event after another. Once you’re on the Katie Mac express prepare for dips, turns and loop-de-loops. Make sure you’re strapped in tight (and got your goggles on) because this irrepressible author will take you for the ride of your life. Spicy, zesty, with all the fat and calories, Katie MacAlister slaps you upside the head with a whammy of ginormous proportions. Who says that love can’t be fun?

    A Fiendishly Bookish Review