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    New Fiendish Review: The Darkest Edge of Dawn by Kelly Gay

    Book:                 The Darkest Edge of Dawn

    Author:               Kelly Gay

    Publisher:          Pocket Books

    ISBN/ASIN:        9781439110041

    Release Date:    Out Now!!!

    Rating:                4.5 Stars

    Buy: | Amazon | B&N | Borders | Powell’s | Indiebound |

    Check out Kelly Gay’s page and blog. Read an excerpt of The Darkest Edge of Dawn. 

    The Darkest Edge of Dawn steams with a ferocious intensity as Kelly Gay outdoes herself in this remarkable sequel to The Better Part of Darkness. She has pulled out all the stops this time, capably molding her world with a sense of certainty that can only come from fully realizing the hurdle of a first novel and deviously plotting a strategy to surpass it.

    Gay has infused Dawn with more desire, conflict, history and whetted our appetites for more. Definitely more. And she has done it with a steady hand, and confidant plot building. Tasty morsels are rampant in this worthy sequel. Get ready to bunker down and lick your lips as you start flipping each and every delicious page.

    When we last left off with Charlie Madigan, she had a few startling revelations to deal with…her half Charbydon and half Elysian DNA, the ushering in of the darkness over Atlanta, the destruction of the ash lab and Mynogan. Emma’s rescue, and the formation of a sub unit of the ITF on the mysterious fifth floor.

    This time in The Darkest Edge of Dawn, two months have elapsed. Charlie and Hank are up against a group determined to wrest away the Charbydon darkness that was cast over Atlanta, and instead, bring Elysian light to its skies. If it were a simple spell casting, then they’d have an easy time of it. But the foes they face and the entity they plan to raise from the dead will force Charlie to plumb the depths of her new power and reveal her genetic legacy to her enemies.

    It has now turned into a full-scale tug of war over the elements and powers as the two rival forces battle it out. Hank and Charlie have to get to the bottom of the latest string of Adonai deaths fight off Llyran and they only have a week to do it or war will break out between Pendaran, The Druid King and Grigori Tennin. Will darkness or light reign over the skies of Atlanta? Adonai bodies are piling up-fast and that biting suspense keeps the pages turning.

    Gay has allowed us to peer further into the looking glass of her creation-the elusive history of both Charbydon and Elysian races…their intriguing history, the myths of the Old Lore and the followers of a sect determined to bring back the old ways. The stunning truth of the origin of all three races is revealed.

    The pull between Hank and Charlie’s can only be described as gravitational force that has gone off the charts…and Gay has written a scene between the two of them that had my jaw dropping and my pulse racing. I had to pick my jaw off the floor! That teaser alone is definitely worth five stars in my book. Enough to have me making cartoon dust trails to the bookstore when #3 hits the shelves!

    The best part about Dawn is the realization that Charlie is much more than half Charbydon and Elysian. With her ancestry straddling both races, and her genes manipulated to some unknown end, it appears that Carreg and Mynogan had more in mind when they brought her back to life. Could they have been intent on resurrecting an entity or deity to be reckoned with? Perhaps. To what purpose? One wonders.

    Gay has rich content in which to weave #3 and with the myths of the Old Lore now firmly in place, Gay has hinted at a few possible avenues to take, and has further laid the foundation for her next book. I anticipate that it will be even more exciting and riveting than the previous two-especially with the cliffhanger we’ve been handed with Hank and Charlie. Phew! Scorching!

    A Fiendishly Bookish Review (and one grumpy cat!)

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