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    New Juicy Review: Death's Mistress by Karen Chance

    Book:          Death’s Mistress

    Author:       Karen Chance

    ISBN:         0451412761

    Publisher:   Onyx

    Rating:         Four Stars

    The worlds of Karen Chance abruptly coalesce in Chance’s latest paranormal fix Death’s Mistress. Mistress is the second installment in the story of bad girl Dorina Basarab, a dhamphir assassin who is caught amidst the political intrigues of the Silver Circle, the Vampire Senate, and the Fey aristocracy. All the while trying to explore the limits to her power, the burgeoning relationship with her father, and unveiling the mystique surrounding luscious Louis-Cesare.

    Fans who are well versed with Chance’s previous books will have an easy time following the story, but for those just picking up the series need to note that three plotlines converge in Death’s Mistress. First we have Dorina’s story which started with MIDNIGHTS’ DAUGHTER, second are subplots from the Cassandra Palmer series #1-4 and last but not least, we hear more about Dorina’s roommate Claire who stars in Chance’s novella BUYING TROUBLE. This convergence of action, characters, and storylines can sometimes be overwhelming to the uninitiated, but might inspire some to pick up the other books. For fans, Chance is in deliciously good form and delivers a worthy and exciting read that tears off at a frantic pace.

    This time the non-stop action surrounds the theft of the Naudiz, a rune protection amulet held by one of the Fey houses.   It renders its wearer un-killable and is intended for the royal heir. Further add the complication of the Vampire Senate actually using the theft of the rune and its paranormal black market sale as a “winner-takes-all” succession race to fill five vacant Senate seats. Whoever can get to it first wins. Bloodthirsty Level 1 vamps simultaneously compete by attempting to reacquire the rune as well as trying to off each other right and left. Regardless of how many others are caught in the crossfire, Dorina finds she has more to contend with than ever before.

    Death’s Mistress was deliciously entertaining, especially with tales of Mr. Lumpy (you’ll have to read for yourself) and Dorina who is reluctantly stuck hauling around a decapitated vamp for a large chunk of the book delivers chuckles aplenty. I was faintly reminded of Richelle Mead’s Storm Queen series with regard to the Fey weather battles with Dorina. By far the biggest revelation is…drum roll please…Christine! And fans hoping for more of Louis-Cesare need not be disappointed there’s plenty of tasty-vamp to go around. Can Dorina manage to keep juggling all the balls Chance has thrown at her? You’ll have to see for yourself!

    A Fiendishly Bookish Review


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