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    New Fiendish Review: Hold Me Closer Necromancer by Lish McBride

    Book:                Hold Me Closer Necromancer

    Author:              Lish McBride

    Publisher:         Henry Holt & Co.

    ISBN/ASIN:       9780805090983

    Release Date:    Out Now!!!

    Rating:                4.0 Stars

    Check out Lish McBride’s page here

    Hold Me Closer Necromancer, the stunning and hilarious debut by Lish McBride reads like a junior-set Christopher Moore, with evil angel Chuck Palhniuk perched on McBride’s shoulder whispering twisted sweet nothings in her ear.  

    McBride’s engaging paranormal black comedy about Sammy Lacroix (ahem, Samhain!) a counter jockey college dropout with an unlikely talent has enough geek cachet to get a mention on Attack of the Show—it’s that good. But don’t expect Godzilla to clamber out of the pages just yet…just ghosts, zombies, witches, and a whole lotta shapeshifters are in HMCN. McBride’s piece is strictly paranormal with a twist…and its gut-bustlingly funny. 

    After flaming out from U Dub, Sammy hasn’t a clue what he is, or what he wants from life. He can barely get through the day at his McJob without a bit of inflammatory havoc here and there. When a benign game of potato hockey with his fellow minimum wage colleagues goes south, and he loses his precious gris-gris bag, the inexplicable shielding that has protected him his entire life goes with it. All of sudden, Sam is exposed, to himself for the first time, visible to the wrong sort of Seattle-ites, and from there the proverbial poop hits the fan.

    Someone very powerful has been experimenting on the shapeshifter population of Seattle. Someone who thrives on power, who doesn’t want competition from another necromancer and is willing to gobble up their power…one way or another.  Sammy has to get to the bottom of his personal history in order to fight this new threat and get on his destined path. How the heck did he end up being a powerful necromancer? And who the heck magically bound him from finding out? Throw in a beautiful alpha-to-be were chick, some shapeshifter shenanigans and you have a delicious story that will have you ROFL, as well as piquing your interest for MORE.

    HMCN is a one-stop read, I would be very surprised if you put it down for any length of time, it has a super-compulsion-read-spell embedded in it. If you like A. Lee Martinez, Chuck the All-Powerful, Mike Mignola, or even Lisi Harrison, you will love Hold Me Closer Necromancer. It’s both scary and adorabalicious. It has everything: action, laughs, sexy scenes, mystery, intrigue, blood, guts, zombies, growls, fur, claws, and a wicked, wicked sense of humor.  I loved it, laughed my butt off it, stayed up all night reading it. 

    A Fiendishly Bookish Review and One Grumpy Cat 

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