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    New Juicy Review: The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller

    Book:                          The Eternal Ones

    Author:                       Kirsten Miller

    Publisher:                   Razorbill (Penguin)

    ISBN/ASIN:               9781595143082

    Rating:                        Four Stars

    Release Date:            August 10, 2010

    Buy:  | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Powell’s | Indiebound 

    Read an Excerpt

    Find out about the Ouroboros Society!

    For fans of L.J. Smith who fell in love with her haunting tale of love lost and then reborn in Soulmate, (part of the Nightworld series), the story of reincarnation is slowly emerging into another hot YA theme that is bound to appeal and reel in readers. Which is why Kirsten’s Millers new soon-to-be hit, The Eternal Ones is a good bet on a hot summer read.

    Miller has capitalized on this theme in her newest release, chronicling the tale of sheltered Haven Moore who grows up in a small and narrow-minded Tennessee community. Her entire life, starting from an early age, has been plagued by memories of another life and a love…one that simply will not go away. The only way she can face whether the memories are a reality or a figment of her imagination is to confront them head on. And in order to do that she will have to escape Snope City first and follow a trail that leads into the past. And into perhaps…the arms of the Devil himself.

    Miller takes her time as a master storyteller, focusing on peripheral characters and the strangely eerie setting of Snope City to strengthen the dynamic of Haven. The shadowy Ouroboros Society that lies at the center of the spider web and the dangerously mysterious Adam gives The Eternal Ones just the right amount of sinister danger. As Haven gets closer to the truth and closer to the Society, the frightening truth is revealed. Her past life with Iain is only the tip of the iceberg, and between the two of them, they must unravel the malignant thread that is intertwined in their lives, or suffer the same fate over and over again. Will Iain and Haven ever find peace when the Devil is hot on their trail?

    From ancient and modern Rome to New York in the 1800’s, Moore’s tale tracks the past of two incredible characters: Haven and Iain whose love and loss through each life cycle is vividly re-told as they eternally battle a shadow that will not give up until Haven is his…forever. Will Iain make the eternal sacrifice to fight for her- to save the soul that has been merged with his since the beginning? Stunningly sweet and deep, The Eternal Ones is unforgettable. Miller has indelibly imprinted her leads with a sense of maturity garnered through the ages and pushes the theme of undying love to the edge. 

    A Fiendishly Bookish Review (plus one grumpy cat: Roxy Le Kat)

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