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    New Fiendish Review: Crave by Burns & Metz

    Book:                 Crave

    Author:               Burns & Metz

    Publisher:          Simon & Schuster

    ISBN/ASIN:        9781442410312 (galley)

    Release Date:   Sept 21, 2010

    Rating:              3 Stars

    Buy: | Amazon | B&N | Borders | IndieBound | Powell’s

    Visit Metz & Burns’ Simon and Schuster Page

    Shay isn’t an ordinary girl and her illness, a rare blood disorder, has largely identified who she is and what her capabilities have been. She is the “Sick Girl”, the one who gets a free pass in school. The one everyone feels sorry for. The one with a ticking clock, living on borrowed time.

     That is until Shay’s stepfather tries something new. The blood her doctor stepfather has transfused her with is richer and more life sustaining than ever before and she is finally able to live a normal life-even if it is in short bursts. Shay revels in her newfound energy.

    But what about the visions she continues to get while she is being transfused? These visions haunt her about Gabriel. Who is he? Is he a vampire? Do such things even exist? With each consecutive treatment, Shay peers into his past-of he and his family being hunted like prey and forced to hide. Shay is drawn to this enigmatic creature. She is drawn to his tortured soul. Is he a figment of her imagination?

    With each red drop Shay is beginning to crave the blood even more. Where is the blood coming from? What is her stepfather putting in it?  With each new transfusion she ends up needing more and more until she is completely dependant on it. This insatiable craving will lead her to hunt down its source and when she finds it, nothing will ever be the same again.

    Crave doesn’t gain its momentum until midway through the book-the first part devoted to Shay’s school life and the effect of her new treatments. But there is a gaping shallowness to it, a slightly anemic “vampire-lite” feel to it. It lacks in an essential vitalness, and emotional depth that does not come later.

    When Crave finally picks up, it is because its inevitable action has finally occurred. Rescuing Gabriel from his forced captivity as her blood source, Shay has broken away from her family, and is on the run. But is she Gabriel’s prisoner or his ally? This allegiance switches back and forth, as Shay and Gabriel come to feel something for one another. And a more desperate truth emerges-without Gabriel’s blood, Shay will die.

    Crave is very likeable because of its slightly different take on the YA vampire genre. It strongly reminds one of The Society of S. Mid-way to the ending, where it was chock-full of action, and teeming with emotional conflict between Shay and Gabriel and there is definitely the promise of more. Crave will leave you on a cliff-hanger, desperate for an outcome that you will have to patiently wait for.

    A Fiendishly Bookish Review (and one grumpy cat)


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